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cannot sms in class anymore

Monday, August 25, 2008

I think i'll truly experience a culture shock when i start training. It will really feel like back to secondary/primary school days, when there is strictly "no eating and drinking in the classroom" and "no running in the corridors". Hmmm. It's gonna be so much different from my previous workplace where i'm pretty much the person upholding the rules hahahhaa which i don't do a good job because i tend to violate them together with my staff. And then i get to boss people around and tell them what to do. Once i got really mad, i issued a warning letter muahahahha 2 more and she's fired.

But now i have to be all demure and submissive. Gee.


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twisted soul

Friday, August 22, 2008

I am a very strange person. I have this weird habit of stalking certain people's blogs/facebooks to convince myself i'm living better than them like some twisted form of self gratification. I dunno what or who i'm trying to prove to. Maybe merely to myself.

Perhaps i'm a competitive person after all.


Dondon is going to teach me how to swim. I dunno how to swim!!! I feel somewhat assured that he has a lifesaving cert + a first aid cert + stories of how people are frequently thrown into severely cold water but he says i need to not be afraid of drowning. WHAT!!! Me is terrified ok.

And i'm going to tailor make my kebaya later! :D *jumps around*


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go to your room, young lady!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sometimes my boyfriend feels more like a dad to me. Before you frown and tsk at me, allow me to explain. Typically when a couple goes on an ice skating date, you would expect some romantic hand holding time as they dreamily skid along the bed of ice and if the girl falls the boy would rush to hug her and they will laugh and hug more and kiss and hug more.

But mine says to me that falling is essential to learning and you are supposed to fall if you wanna learn how to skate. and no stop holding on to me and don't you hold on to the wall if not you'll never learn. And then when i grow big bruises from falling, i want someone to feel the heartpain but instead he was all like 'bruises are good. you need more bruises to become stronger'.

Urgh! I need a boyfriend, not 2 dads :P


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i wouldn't say my life is volatile but it's certainly going through a lot of unexpected changes

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'm gonna start training in the nation's best finishing school (as they say it) in exactly 1 week from now. Nervous. Pensive. Feels like first day of school all over again when you are going to a brand new place of learning where you don't really know anyone yet. Everyone and everything is going to be new. There are gonna be tests and exams and you wonder if you will fare well. You've heard of horror stories where people get 'retained' and you fear. You look forward to graduation which still seems a long time away.

I think i have yet come to terms with reality. Sometimes when i tell others about it, i feel like i'm lying through my teeth. I feel like i'm living someone else's life through my own eyes. Somehow i'm not as excited as i thought i would be. People say the satisfaction lies in the relentless pursuit more than the achievement itself and now i see it.


I did meet sour grapes along the way. Funny thing, they told me my group/interview day's 'passing rate' must be very high whereas for herself, her interviewers were 'very strict' and they chose very little people. Well, out of 23 groups of 8-10 people, we counted only 14 got through. I might have missed a few so i grant you 20. Hmm, can do your math.

Some people might comment that 'nowadays' the standard have dropped but i don't really care cos as long as i got it. I do agree that we see some fugly ones at the airport now and then but er, i'm sure they are really nice and friendly people on the inside. Either that or the interviewers' eyes ta stamp hahaha. Then again month after month hundreds of hopefuls (500+ at it's peak) join the long queue at sheraton so i really think they can afford to be picky.

Anyway if you happen to be interested, here's the link.


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open relationship

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I think all stewardess should have boyfriends like mine. He needn't call to make sure i'm safe after a night out clubbing. He won't be any bit bothered by me playing mahjong with a bunch of beer drinking men in the wee hours. Which means he would never wonder or worry or be suspicious over what i do at outstations. Teehee. So much freedom! Is this what they call an 'open relationship' on facebook?


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Great way to fly...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

From 26th August 2008. Hey that's my birthday!


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lucky trip

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wow this whole journey has been hell of a lucky trip. All my life's good karma has been accumulated into this and now i start all over again.

I was on mc on the previous day and the interview day itself. Sick but not serious. So why did the doctor give me 2 days mc? I said i work night shift and he took pity on me. Lucky!

Then lucky again that i smoothly got through all 4 rounds.

Ok i paid $148 cos i supposedly have mild scoliosis so that wasn't too lucky.

Then i got to know a nice hr girl in James' wedding who said she'll help me look out for my application and call me asap. woohoo! I also came to know that ahbang works in the finance department. Never hurt to have too many friends in the company.

So then i got my call today. Yipee!!!!! Congrats to me i earned it well!!


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